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Logistics Training in Turkey

The logistics sector has now met with academic training. Positive developments in the field of logistics training in the last 30 years all over the world had an impact on Turkey. Logistics training in our country has also developed considerably within this period. In Turkey, as in the world's other countries, both high school and university level training can be received for this profession.

It is known that logistics is a line of business in our country during the Ottoman Empire. At that time there were branches of professions such as mountain pass guard (derbendcilik), bridge building (köprücülük), seamanship and constructing (meremmetcilik). However, logistics was accepted as a business line in the 1950s globally. The need for procurement, transportation or goods led to the birth of logistics industry.

Logistics training is provided in high schools in Turkey with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It has become possible to receive academic education at the universities as well. In this context, 27 universities provide graduate level education while other 62 universities provide undergraduate level. It is possible to study logistics in 75 high schools in the maritime field and 60 high schools in the transportation field. It is known that young population’s interest in the field of logistics has increased year by year.

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